Saturday, December 02, 2006

wonky powaaa!!!

well i just did some housekeeping on the pc and i'm like 20% into the finish line...basically i failed File Organization 101

and damn! the Ribon No Kishi DVD is up on the H!O tracker in a whooping 12gig download well the original would be a 23 gig ISO as i've heard i DLed a prewiew clip of it and damn its spectacular! imagine what the full dvd would be! reina tanaka-san once again i am wonkyfied!

i'm working on a new Reina Tanaka OPV and it will have 2 versions like the Morning Musume PVs finished editing one version and it only needs to be finalised for release on my Wonkyfied Channel @ YouTube but not until i finished the other version which is of course a more difficult one...time is the luxury i dont have:(

also working on Reina Tanaka wallpaper sets for the Wonky Love Factory @ JPH!P and trying to squeeze in some Morning Musume group wallpapers as well and also one or two of my other favourite momusu members :)

well that's it for me now...quite a handful of stuff to do eh?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

gomen for the scarce updates:(

well i'm quite busy this days so i hardly have the time to update but you can always catch me @ JPH!P

i'm hanging out the official I <3 reina tanaka thread a.k.a the wonky love ville if ya luv reina then its the place to be > wonky love ville

and for my lil homemade reina tanaka goodies and more check out the wonky love factory i'll be updating it with some reina stuffs every chance i get...

that's it for me now...wonky powaaa!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

whoa! updates! lol...

as i said before, here are the gakisan wallpapers that i've did before:

Free Image Hosting at

this one came out of the original gakisan wallpaper that i'm trying to do but couldn't quite figure out the design, so i end up using a different pic(from her 2nd PB amanatsu) and the original picture end up as a mask on the risa niigaki text, quite surprised me when i finished it...and forgive me for the avocado green...but check out that red dress...boy i would never deny that...gakisan <3

Free Image Hosting at

this one is part of the kimono series wallpapers that i did but never got around on finishing it...i only managed 2 out of 6 that i planned on doing...the retro blast background is from a tutorial that i kept forgetting the correct process...and the colors are matched on each girls kimono...i'm planning to finish the series if got the time...kimono + momusu = <3

Free Image Hosting at

this one is part of the final lap series, currently there are 4 girls in the series and i just realized recently that i messed up each girl's official color...good thing though that i got gakisan's green right...or's supposed to be lime...but actually the green is based on the original color of the image used which is from her 2nd PB amanatsu...go green!XD

i know this is a wonky blog but hey i'm just being true to teh other girls i adore(excuse the cheesu) stand by for more goodies a.k.a wallpapers...for the next edition(that is after tanakacchi's 17th birthday) here's a hint > piko piko pikooo?

i'll be releasing the reina tanaka wallpapers i've made on the day of her 17th birthday...and damn! i have truck loads of tanakacchi 18th birthday countdown CD arts to catch up!

oh yeah teh wonkees-r-us!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

here's a recent morning musume magazine interview(reina and risa part only)
credit to ferrar1 @ JPH!P CLICK HERE for the FULL TRANSLATION
Question 4 for Gaki-san (G) & Reina (R)

Any luxurious activities recently?

R: Recently, i have alot!! I ate shark's fins for the first time and it felt like "spring rain". (I think to indicate that it was a rare occassion because it rarely rains in spring) It tasted so delicious that it surprised me.

G: Hmm, didnt we ate shark's fin on one of the variety program before, and it tasted nice.

R: And i ate "some gyoza", it had shark's fin wrapped within it. It felt so good.

G: That sounds delicious. Recently when i went to a restaurant with Ai-chan, they had 6 types of dessert and since Ai-chan wanted to try all, we ordered everything. We ate everything up while mentioning "isnt this luxurious" to each other.

and here are the magazine article scans:

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

howdy tanakacchi?!? < lol wtf drift?
ok nothin much on the forum...well except for the B&I drama...and i need to chill...workday is again tomorrow...damn i need sumthin! its ugly that i keep typing periods after each line...see? ok i'll be doin full time on this blog...wonkyblog that is so here's a list of what you can expect here in my new lil home with reina <3

01. tanakacchi news and updates (what she's up to and stuff)
02. the wonkees updates and stuff (what's the wonky crew is talkin about and what's happenin on the wonkyville)
03. news on JPH!P and who's messing with who and stuff (not really)
04. tanakacchi goodies (still a work in progress though)
05. and some stuff about my not-so-interesting life (100% wonkyfied)

i think that's most of it, give me time i'll make up somethin more XD
and for's my first Reina Tanaka OPV live on YouTube!(excuse my pimpin)

Click and Tell Me Waccha Think

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

the dress tanakacchi wore for my birthday which is of course yesterday! XD

reina + white = <3
cross browser testing reveals that the header image of the layout overlaps blogger's banner above by 2 pixels when viewed on Internet Explorer so this bloggy is best viewed on Firefox, if i adjust it, it will still be crap and vice versa XD...and the text colors are still kinda messy so please bear with me c",)

a preview for morning musume's new single Aruiteru PV is up on the tracker in Hello Online and here's a cap of teh ever adorable wonky!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

<3! and the fact that they did the PV furusato style makes it somethin to eagerly look forward for the full version...nothing beats momusu lookin so kawaii in Japan's countryside!


more post testing...
*sigh* the forum is still down...server maintenance...well...i need to visit wonky ville...come on! i miss reina already!XD...ok for now i'll try to put up the comments option on each post...i still has the code somewhere...coz the blogger built in needs some tweaking to make it work effeciently and also i need to distract my self...tanakacchi!!!
it's alive!

ok the forum is i made a wonky cope!XD
wonky test...